How we make gardens smarter – Smart Gardening

How we make gardens smarter – Smart Gardening

A smart garden, what’s that? Technology has long since established itself in the field of environment and ecology and nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without it. With Green IoT, the aim is to counteract climate change and use resources sustainably. IoT plays an important key role in this context, enabling products and applications to be networked, which in turn means maximum eco-efficiency.

What is a smart garden

How can you run a garden efficiently? The answer to this question was followed by the concept of a mobile and vertical garden. A smart garden on wheels. “Mobile gardens are easy to move and can be used flexibly wherever they are needed”, [MobiGa]. These gardens are not only equipped with a water tank and pump, but also with a variety of sensors. This allows the determination of optimal irrigation. This not only promotes ideal plant growth, but also the careful use of resources.

Our IoT platform is ideally suited for Smart Gardening products. Thanks to our cost-efficient hardware we are also able to digitize products in a lower price range.

Intelligent and smart sensors

Air humidity, water level, sun, rain, wind and many other factors are of great importance for ideal plant care. With the help of an IoT platform, all sensors can be networked with each other and data can be aggregated, allowing a digital twin of the garden to be mapped. This allows the garden to react intelligently to all conditions to which the garden is exposed.

Autonomy of smart gardening products in the IoT environment

Of course, gardening products should often be able to work independently. After all, gardens, for example, should be watered even when there is no connection to the Internet. Our concept therefore aims to decouple the business logic of the garden from the connectivity to the cloud.

1. The Gardening Product incl. Business Hardware
2. Connection of the business with the connectivity hardware
3. Communication to the Cloud

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This not only allows a high degree of flexibility in terms of development, maintenance and replacement of the hardware, but also ensures that the garden can remain self-sufficient in an emergency by its own logic.


Smart Gardening is currently very much in trend and is becoming increasingly popular. No surprise, because taking proper care of plants is often associated with great effort. Smart Gardening makes care less complicated and many activities are now easier than before. With the help of IoT, everyone becomes a professional gardener, even without a green thumb.

David Theobald

David Theobald


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